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Editor Articles and User's Questions Answered

This page is for articles about designing scenarios and using the editor. There will also be collections of questions from users and their answers. We always welcome useful articles from scenario designers. If you would like an article to be considered for inclusion or you have a question you think people would like to see answered, post it in the forum and let us know it's there. While we can't promise that we'll answer your question, we'll certainly look it over. We hope to hear from you!


  1. It's All About Size By Jeff Vogel
  2. What About Shareware Fees? By Jeff Vogel
  3. Common Mistakes in Scenario Design By Jeff Vogel
  4. You Shall Not Pass. By Jeff Vogel
  5. Building the Basic Quest By Jeff Vogel
  6. Tips for Creating Challenging Monsters By Drakefyre
  7. Why? By Drakefyre
  8. Player vs. Party By The Creator
  9. Choices and Linearity By Drakefyre
  10. Creating Compelling Characters By The Creator
  11. Basic But Vital Tips By Terror's Martyr
  12. Bob By The Creator
  13. Useful Dialogue Tips By Isaac
  14. The Responsive World By Drakefyre
  15. Designing a Quality Town By Drakefyre
  16. Good Bad Guys By The Creator
  17. Hey! What did you do that for? By The Creator
  18. A General Item Overview By Drakefyre
  19. Don't Draw Focus! By The Creator
  20. Filler By The Creator
  21. Follow the Yellow Brick Road By Terror's Martyr
  22. High Level Scenarios By Kelandon
  23. Cutscenes: A Tutorial by Kelandon
  24. Your First Scenario by The Creator
  25. Building Blocks for a Scenario by The Creator
  26. Ten Dread Diseases of Scenarios by The Creator

User's Questions Answered:

  1. Questions Answered from release to 4/5/04.

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