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Blades of Avernum

Welcome to the Scenario Workshop. This is where you can download the Blades of Avernum editor and get many valuable tips for using it.

Designing scenarios for Blades of Avernum is not easy. There is a lot to learn, and the number of features and options can be overwhelming. When you get the editor installed, the first thing you should do is read the "Making Your First Scenario, Step By Step" chapter of the instructions. This will help you get started.

Finally, when you get the editor, be sure to read the file marked "READ ME". This explains how to install the editor.

Download Blades of Avernum Scenario Editor

For Macintosh
For Windows

Blades of Avernum Editor v1.1.1 (4.9 MB)

Trouble downloading using FTP?
Try this HTTP download.

Blades of Avernum Editor v1.0.3 (5.6 MB)

Trouble downloading using FTP?
Try this HTTP download.

Text Editors

To properly edit scripts in Blades of Avernum, you should get a text editor designed to edit code with the capability to jump to a given line number. If you have a compiler or development environment (like Microsoft Visual C or CodeWarrior), you can use it. Otherwise, you may want to download a new text editor.

On the Macintosh, we recommend BBEdit or (cheaper) TextWrangler from Bare
Bones Software

On Windows, scenario designers have had luck with EditPad Pro and Crimson

Editor Resources

Once you have the editor up and running, we have plenty of resources to help you
get going and learn more.

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