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Bugs In Macintosh Blades of Avernum
Editor v1.0 and v1.0.1

Every scenario designer on the Macintosh should upgrade their Blades of Avernum Editor to v1.1, which is located in the Scenario Workshop.

get_strategy Description Wrong

The description of the call get_strategy should actually read short get_strategy(short which_char, short dummy) - Returns the current strategy of which_char. See set_strategy for the meanings of the different strategy values. The value of dummy is ignored.

DEAD_STATE Not Always Called

What a character's character id is -1 (which happens, among other times, when a creature is in an outdoor combat or made by a splitting monster), its DEAD_STATE is not called when it died. DEAD_STATE is called normally for normal creatures. This will definitely be fixed when the Blades scenario format is upgraded in May or June.

Errors In Messages

  1. One call is given the wrong name in the docs. The call "broadcast_message_from_loc" is actually called "broadcast_message_from_x_y".
  2. The description of give_ter_script_message in the docs should read void give_ter_script_message(short which_ter_script,short what_message) - This gives message what_message to terrain script which_ter_script. You can find out the number of a terrain script by selecting it in the editor.

char_give_item, char_has_item_of_class_equip and move_to_loc_x_y Broken

The calls char_give_item, char_has_item_of_class_equip and move_to_loc_x_y don't work. Don't use them.

Incomplete Info on Traits

The chapter on Character Traits in the editor appendices is incomplete. This text should be appended to the end of it. In addition, characters have some innate abilities. Some, like Call Spirit, come from the traits above. Some, like Ritual of Sanctification, are learned in the scenarios. These innate abilities are below. When their value is 1, the character has the ability and hasn't used it today. When the value is 2, it has been used that day.
15 - Summon Beast
16 - Call Spirit
17 - Regenerate
18 - Cure Afflictions
19 - Battle Frenzy
20 - Divine Aid
21 - Restore Energy
22 - Ritual of Sanctification

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