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Note: Hints included in some reviews. You have been warned.

Below are some reviewer's comments which we thought might help you decide on whether or not you'd like to play the scenario. This page is not a list of all the reviews the scenario received, only those that had thoughful and/or useful comments to make.
Comments:Okay, but it seemed overpowering at certain points, especially for low level parties. Certainly a challenge, even on easy, and would not recommend it for beginners. The cut scene with Rentar-Ihrno was buggy, but enjoyable. Graphics were excellent, items were on the unusual side, and gameplay was nice. It's immense outdoors was excellent for exploring (and recovering), and indoors were, for the most part, well designed. My main complaint is the disappointing ending, but overall a nice scenario to fill a day or two.
Comments:It is only a boring combat scenario without a real plot.


Comments:Overall, a fun scenario. There were a few things I didn't like, but it was a good way to spend an hour. The things I didn't like were
-The reference to the designer's other scenario.
-The fact that Hidden City and Persistant Players didn't have anything to add to the plot other than to give lots of stuff to the player(which isn't necessarily bad, but it doesn't help the plot in any way, and it detracts from realism).
-Some of the walls needed smoothing over, and in some places they weren't visible at all.
-There was a group of 50 Hraithes wandering around outside. It seemed like too much to just be a random encounter.

Well anyway, not a perfect scenario, but one which, in my opinion, should be played.

Comments:For the most part, it was an excellent scenario. The lower rating is because of a huge flaw; it won't let you end the scenario. Everytime you try to go through the final portal, the wizard talks to you and drags you out, and then you're back outside the Magical Moving town and unable to find an exit. Also, the thing about the Vahnatai being "real this time" made no sense, and I think there was an error in the secret passages, unless the one after the tower was not supposed to connect to the one before it. Overall, not too bad, but there are a lot of bugs.
Comments:There are no real choices involved in this scenario. Upon arriving, you immediately are thrown into battle with no choice in the matter. You are forced to leave the village with no say, and when you finally are granted control, you don't get one second of freedom before the monsters attack.

Also, there is too much free stuff available. The Slith Avatar just practically giving away spells, many of them overpowered, such as the Far Vision spell and Dispell Barrier spells, which can potentially break many other scenarios in which these spells could bipass content. Also the chests behind the Slith Avatar are filled with valuable stuff, which although its "Not Yours", the fact of the matter is once you close the door, no one will see you take it and can easily be stolen. Plus the 250 Razor Disks is ridiculous! Who would use that many disks? Their sole purpose really is just to be sold for tons of money.

The portal back home that for some reason is so easily fixed by a bunch of Adventurers (What would Adventurers know about fixing portals!?) is utterly ridiculous. Yes, it is nice to have an easy way out of the scenario, but that is just stupid.

The supply depot is just silly, considering how many undead patrols are just wandering around, there is no real reason why such a supply would still be there.

The wall of skeletons isn't really impressive, what with the random glowing power sources used as walls for no apparent reason, as well as the lack of skeletons. Didn't it say in the description that there were "skeletons as far as the eye could see"? Yeah right.

Soon after I reached the first tower I just gave up because it was just so boring, what with all the overpowered items that were just dropping randomly, and the overused laser light, as well as the randomly placed monsters (What was with that one room with an Efreet, a Drake, Gorgons, and a Monk!? Those creatures would never have gotten along in such a tiny room. Make it more realistic.

While this scenario does have potential to be good, right now its just garbage.
Comments:Very well organized storyline. IT was really enjoyable because of the many things included. Challenge, items, and multiple ways to the ending. I recommend this one strongly. No noticable glitches.
Comments:This scenario has all the signs that it could have been a pretty good scenario, but it failed to carry through with those ideas. The combat was pretty interesting and reasonably balanced, the plot was, at the beginning, believable, and the quests were ok. I would encourage the scenario designer to continue trying and to expand upon his good points.

That said, I must elaborate on the scenario's many faults. Dialog is very limited, so most of the time it is just mindless combat. The plot turns out to be more unbelievable as you go along, with Rentar-Irhno reappearing and plaguing the Empire once more. Except for a few parts, there is only one enemy, the undead, so that gets boring very quickly. The layout of the scenario is more of a path than an actual place: You proceed through various walls, fighting hordes (and I do mean hordes) of increasingly difficult undead and getting through very weird, illogical traps. This provides no opportunity to sell the stuff you pick up along the way.

And speaking of equipment (spoiler here), the two "hidden" towns were completely unnecessary and overly extravagant. I couldn't carry all the stuff that was just given to my party, and it all was a big disappointment.

Basically this was a scenario with a small bit of potential which turned into a dull episode of fighting undead.


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