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Note: Hints included in some reviews. You have been warned.

Below are some reviewer's comments which we thought might help you decide on whether or not you'd like to play the scenario. This page is not a list of all the reviews the scenario received, only those that had thoughful and/or useful comments to make.
Comments: A short well-done scenario. I particularly liked the dark feelings created by very poor interior lighting. The whole outdoor area was nicely executed to give one the feeling of truly being pseudo-trapped in a creepy land ruled over by a vampire. The plot flows and every step is very logical. In a sense there is a quaint feeling that gives this scenario and its inhabitants a unique character. A player may actually feel something for the main NPCs which is very uncommon in BOE or BOA works.
I would say that perhaps one additional town should have been added. Or at least the main-town could include a few more characters to draw the player further into the story, through the areas history current happening etc. I was left with the sense that the main-town has no reason to exists there is no Inn no industry. Why are the people there?
But altogether Lord Putidus is an excellent scenario. It makes the player feel in control when they are actually not. One may try to influence what happens in the final encounter with the vampire, Putidus, but in truth nothing you do matters. This may seem like a restriction. But truly sometimes things cannot be changed. The Roman element is well executed. It is truly refreshing to travel in a BOA environment playing a new type of party, aside from the standard Avernum-fare. Lord Putidus is worth the time. Play it! ResPEk...... Rating iz 4.2
Comments:The read me says to start with a bare bones party, but that doesn't work out all that well. The original party characters can't come near fighting the undead in the palace. I wish there had been a better ending -it was kinda left cut off. For example, in the first town (the U one) what happened to the child - is he dead?

Also, going in to the caves to stop the monsters was very buggy. It kept asking me if I wanted to investigate, but when I did, it sent a couple monsters out - not sure if that was on purpose or not - but it seems like you should be able to go into the cave. And it asked me several times, and I only got monsters a couple times.

Comments:NOTE: Comments here are based on the beta.

An entertaining scenario, even if I found the terrain in some places was too dark. Could not beat it with the default party in beta, but a special-designed party easily triumphed.

I personally found the flow of story to be excellent, even if the complete lack of a final battle was a slight letdown.


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