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Note: Hints included in some reviews. You have been warned.

Below are some reviewer's comments which we thought might help you decide on whether or not you'd like to play the scenario. This page is not a list of all the reviews the scenario received, only those that had thoughful and/or useful comments to make.


Comments:This is an excellent scenario. The plot is well done and consistent throughout the scenario. The dialogue is easy to follow and consistently interesting.

There are text bubbles, cut scenes and animations throughout the scenario. The fighting animations between the two Nephil factions are very interesting. The final cut scene with the imperial bladesman is well done.

There are a variety of new and interesting items throughout the scenario. These include Silver Cross Bracelet, Klinger's Bow, Regeneration Shard, and other items.

We get some new and interesting background on the Nephilim. Apparently they aren't exactly from around here.

There are also hints that there will be a continuation of the scenario. Like the ship falling in Aizo province, the "Zyon" hint, the Nephilim history scrolls, and the strange machinery in the final section.

I played through this scenario several times and it got better and better as betatesting went along. It was very enjoyable betatesting with Stareye.

The only problems which occurred in the scenario was the "too much undead syndrome" and the sequencing of the mirrors. Also some of the philosophizing was questionable by some other people. I kind of liked it but thought it needed a bit more depth. Hopefully the "perfect spirit" will be fleshed out in the next scenario.


Comments:As the only scenario so far that I play over and over I'd say this is a fun game. The towns were a bit lacking, but the plot was nice. I'd wish combat was a little more difficult since a level 1 party could take out most of the enemy using an archer. Now that I have played this game, I've decided to go back and relord BoE so I can play At the Gallows, Spears, and Emulations.


Comments:I enjoyed this scenario very much. Simple but with plenty to do, well written, well paced and easily something Spiderweb could have put out. I would like to have been able to backtrack more than was allowed, but there were plenty of opportunities to gain experience and overall a fun diversion. Great job!


Comments:A Perfect Forest has a well-done plot, with very intrincated dialogues and all NPC's has personallity, make the scenario atmosphere exciting. The fights are well balanced, random encounters too. The storyline is easy to follow and if you like side quests, congratulations, A Perfect Forest show you a lot.

It's a right balanced medium-sized scenario, no bugs, nice special itens, animations and events, it's very fun. The last dungeon and the solving of its problem are quite difficulty to goal at the first time playing, but are well done, BTW.

I'm a little suspect cause I love Nephils, so... APF runs a very intersting plot for me, and gives some misteries about the past of the island that could be used in a next scenario.

The 3rd parties scenarios begin to be more fluids and harmonious with APF.

Rating: 4.1: Well-done, right-balanced, fight fun. Too guided in somes parts, too undeads in anothers. Nice itens and good graphics. I liked.


Comments:Check Stareye's site for the latest version since there seems to be problems with BoA engine v1.0.1 handling some macros.

A Perfect Forest is an excellent scenario that begins to demonstrate why Stareye is held in such high esteem by the BoE crowd. The story itself is well written and executed. It is possible to deadend the story by not finding Klinger before making paths to more areas. My only misgivings about it are that the sidequests are easily missed because of the compartmentalization of the forest and the one direction teleporting. So save often under descriptive names to scour the scenario for hidden dungeons and side prizes.


Comments:A good scenario unfortunately with a strong tendency towards linearity. Sure, there are a few sidequests, but I felt rather bound to the main story line. Also the ending was somehow abrupt, leaving a lot of questions open (for a follow up scenario?)


Comments:This is a good scenario with a nice plot line. Much better then the other scenarios so far.

The story is quite nice, and different from the others, I hope to see more like it I can't compare with BoE scenarios, but I imagine that many are like this.

I thought the fact that you could just finish very quickly was a bit disapointing. And having to look around that first town maybe a bit of pointing for some people, and while I didn't attempt to finish without looking around, if it isn't possible there is a problem.

The introduction of a possible new race (even an extinct one) means that there is a basis for many other stories which is always nice.

This is well worth playing and while I would prefere not to put it in the top table (in the hope that there will be a lot bigger scenarios which deserve it more) I don't think it should be ranked with the others 4 which aren't nearly as good. (As of time of writing the other scenarios are Babysitting, Cave of no Return, Roses of Reckoning and Emerald Mountain.)


Comments:I don't usually write reviews, but this game merited one. Thus far, this is one of the better of the submitted scenarios I've played. I was very impressed with it and agree with a previous comment that I felt I was playing something that Spiderweb put out. The fights were engaging (especially with the imposter - I had a semi-difficult time killing him, but was amused by the kick on the return trip - nice touch!); the plot was very good and very consistent; the dialog was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the placement and length of the cut away scenes and the depth of explanation throughout the game. The ending at the shore left me waiting for the "next in the series." Very good in my book.

Couple of things:

In these games, I like to explore a bit before I get down to the nitty gritty of the scene, and this really can't be done at the end. I found that out the hard way, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ending in the cave. Nice twist with the mirrors and time challenge.

I did run into a problem leaving via the path to the SE instead of using the teleporter. Got an error message and the game shut down when I tried it. (this may not have actually be a problem with the game itself, but I had to mention it because I was not sure.)

Just a bit into the game, I felt as though I had no choice but to go along with the story (which was fine with me because it was a great story), but I felt a bit "dragged along" at points instead of like a player.

These small matters aside, an excellent, excellent scenario. I look forward to more from Stareye.


Comments:The best scenario to date. No bugs that I could find. Good cutscenes keep the storyline interesting and action packed. A scenario where your reason for being there is plausible. The end game is challenging and requires some forward planning as well as a reasonably strong party. As the storyline unfolds, there is a real sense of urgency in the game.

I have found that the best scenarios to play are those with a strong story, and are not just hack and slash. This scenario has a reasonably solid storyline - almost historical.

A bit too much reliance on the old alien technology just happening to be on this isolated uninhabited island. It leaves it open for further storylines but why alien technology??? And of course the usual addiction to the undead. These things have lowered my score a little.

Very enjoyable.


Comments:An interesting story, but it lacked substance. Your area of movement and choices were also STRICTLY limited. Also, the area where you are required to move mirros was tedious, and unenjoyable. It seemed far too short, but I suppose we can't expect add-ons to be as well contructed as originals. It would be nice to find a scenario that also entertained high level parties(30-35, so they can continue after the Vampire scenario), so we don't have to abandon our old and start from scratch. The ending was also uneventful and bland. Aside from these points, it was worth playing. After I finish these scenarios, I plan to move on to Geneforge 2.


Comments:Very well written with an interesting story line. I enjoyed this as it has the feeling of an original BoA scenario. The look and feel was very true to Jeff Vogel's style, so the play was intuitive and consistant with previous game play.

I few words of well-meant constructive criticism:

1) The story line was too linear. There was no going forward or backward off the main story line. I prefer being able to revisit old haunts to see if I missed anything

2) I would recommend more hidden rooms and chambers. They make the questing all the more fun.

3) Some of the puzzles - the mirrors in particular took me forever to figure out what need to be done. A few more characters with hints would add to the overall game play

I really appreciate the hard work on this scenario and hope that you will contiinue what you have started! The Nephil deserve a storyline too!


Comments:I enjoyed htis scenario, but a fatal unhandled error stopped me from finishing it after the mirror puzzle. I felt rushed by the linearity, and really wanted more time to explore and understand the enviornment- the powers draining ghost was a bit of an annoyance but did add to the suspense and feeling of urgency. The cut scenes of the battles were a bit overlong. One the second replay I found clues to the traitor I missed the first time through, and I really liked htta, but there was no opportunity to distrust him or warn the leaders which my characters certainly would have done. I liked the concept and wanted more.

Comments:I gave up on this scenario when I got to the mirrors and machines part. I could not manage to move the mirrors. I couldn't trigger whatever needed to be triggered in order to make the mirrors moveable. The solutions I found in the forum made it even more confusing. But before I got to this part, I mas moderately enjoying things. I don't mind storylines that are linear, and this one unfolded with a couple of plot twists that kept me engaged. At first I thought making the landscape itself linear was silly (I'm talking about how the trees limit your movement to one direction), but I began to see it as a concise use of space. At one point a character turns out to be a traitor, and this sequence is done well. The dialog is talky and too loaded with explanation, and the intro/descriptions could've been sharper. I think there is something off in the scenario's balance: I was defeating enemies too easily and I seemed to gain experience too quickly. I missed the subtlety of some of the animation because I couldn't recognize who the characters were.
Comments:I found this to be a great scenario. It was a good start for a beginning party, although I was not able to advance my party beyond 7 by the end. Most of the combat was not difficult, but there were sufficent numbers of enemies to keep it interesting. The last part of the cave was particularly good for combat. The part involving the mirrors was also a good challenge that kept me trying for awhile.

Only one thing that I can think of that could be improved, and it has already been mentioned. A few extra side quests would have improved this scenario, but the storyline that was present was excellent regardless. Everyone else has pretty much covered the good and the bad already, so good work!
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