Reviews for Nine Variations on Point B
Note: Hints included in some reviews. You have been warned.

Below are some reviewer's comments which we thought might help you decide on whether or not you'd like to play the scenario. This page is not a list of all the reviews the scenario received, only those that had thoughful and/or useful comments to make.
Comments:For the most part, this is really boring. (Though it makes a good tutorial) But the custom graphics at the end were excellent, and on the last variation I got annoyed; not because it wasn't good, but because it didn't tell the whole story. I'd like to see that last part fleshed out and made into a real scenario; it sounded pretty exciting and very intreagueing. (Forgive my spelling there.) For an inexperianced player, this is an excellent scenario to try, but if you've been playing Avernum games for any ammount of time then it's not so great.
Comments:I had to ask myself "What was the point of this senario?" at the end. The custom graphics and monster script are done well but other than that its just boring and uneventfull. Even a new player would be able to do this in 10 mins and the equipment that drops from the Captians are way to powerfull for parties lvl 1.
Comments:NVPB is, umm, how shall I put this? It doesn't really stand out as a scenario... very, very short and really, really plain. However, I did like the developing town, it did give an eerie feeling, so I guess it's succesful at what it is supposed to be. It's like... 3 last variations:
(you find a secret room)
7. There is a key on the floor.
8. There is a box and a grave in the room. The key is probably in the box.
9. This is where Tui Pen the noble ambassador fell after betraying his country. You suspect the valuable notes are stored in the iron chest. (You also find a big black key.)

Well, it is original, and it is well executed, and not long enough to get boring, but really isn't much of a scenario, so 3.25 it is.

Comments:I think this scenario should be included in the utilities section, for the only value it has is in showing a beggining scenario maker the basics of scenario design. Do not download this if you want to actually play something enjoyable; there is no plot, nor is there much to do.
Comments:Nine Variations on the Point B, whilst not much of a "player's scenario", is the perfect way for new designers, such as myself, to see how a BoA scenario is created.

The scenatio is very simple - get from your starting position to point B. However dull this might sound it isn't the actual process of getting to point B that is the scenario's target - it is to show how easy it is to write a good scenario (as shown by Variation 9), and thus to show that good scenarios are just bigger versions of a basic goal.

Whilst having no plot, next to no combat, and no end-battle, it is imperitive that every BoA designer plays this "anti-scenario" to understand the basics and fundamentals of scenario design.

The scenario itself is very short, and has only one or two interesting fights, but it is solidly made, and has no bugs at all. It is the perfect way to spend ten or so minutes.

The high rating is given not for the sceanrio as it is, but the potential it has to encourage other designers to got an idea, and flesh it out, into something comparable to the Ninth Variation of point B. As well as this, Kelandon, and the original author Alex, have done a great service to the Blades community. If all scenario designers play this scenario, then the future of BoA will be very bright.


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