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Below are some reviewer's comments which we thought might help you decide on whether or not you'd like to play the scenario. This page is not a list of all the reviews the scenario received, only those that had thoughful and/or useful comments to make.
Comments:It had a great story, with plenty of plot twists. Both humorous and emotional dialogues. Good equipment, but not an unbelieveably large amount. Fun and interesting quests. It wasn't too short like some of the other scenarios and it was more than enough to get drawn into the plot. There was a huge history in the plot. It was just a great game.
Comments: A very nice scenario. I don't know, but there's something I like very very very much about scenarios dealing with history - simple life, very unsettled lands, very chaotic - you really have a feeling you can do what you like and really contribute. Don't get me wrong, I liked prettymuch every scenario I played, just this one was like it was written for my taste. :)
I will refrain from any technical rating, for I'm not far into creating yet, but as far as a story and gameplay goes, I'll give it a 4.81, because of the total enjoyment it provided. A minus .19 is for being too short regarding it's addictiveness. :)))
Comments:The basic idea of this scenario was a brilliant one. Travelling back in time, and seeing how the Empire was well before Avernum was even found, is a very good and interesting idea. There were some good and some bad things:

The bad things:
- The moment I stepped out of the nephar fort, I had lost all clues on what to do. I was in this large world, full of nice towns and such, but I didn't know where to go. The fact that I didn't have a map didn't make it any better, too.

- I didn't like all town lay-outs. This is a purely personal thing, but somehow it affected for me the scenario itself in a bad way.

- There were some artifacts that I hadn't understood how to use, causing me to run around the magi tower several times, before finnaly understanding what to do.

The good things:
- Well, the idea of course. I was quite surprised, and it got to me immediatly.

- The execution of the time travel I thought was very good. The fact that you landed in the cart full of hay, and to see the owner of the cart's reaction was very funny.

- Except for some towns, the atmosphere in most of the towns was nice and pleasant. The first town (starter town) for example, had a house in which the owner (it may have been the city hall) was burried under paper work.

- Most creatures were realistic and not overpowered, which made fighting pleasant and not a burden.

Comments:Magus of Cattalon while somewhat buggy is the best non-Vogel scenario I have yet played.The story was great and did not feel like something that was there because it was required,the dialogue was well written and enjoyable,battles were often difficult but fun,cutscenes looked good and worked,characters had personalities,and there were plenty of sidequests.There are some bugs in the game ,mostly in the first bit,but they don't halt the gameplay and can be got around.
Comments:Very good scenario! I haven't played everything out there, but I loved all the twists and turns in this adventure. Each time I thought I was getting close to the end, turns out I still had more to do. Lots of fun.
Comments:Great scenario. Each time I thought it was coming close to an endpoint, something twisted and I realized I was nowhere near finishing.
My only beefs are minor: completing some sidetasks seemed very random and required a lot of aimless wandering. But that's kind of what side quests are for, right?
Comments:This is a great scenario to play. the plot is great.

The whole 'sent back in time' plot is very well executed considering it is widely used in stories and games. The 'Strange Golems' are cool.

Combat is good but the scenario could use more combat. The combat that is in the scenario is good.

Overall this is a very good scenario. a sequeal would be great.

Comments:A very enjoyable scenario. No bugs that detracted from enjoyability of the scenario. Combat isn't terribly exciting, but it makes up for it with a good plot and interesting dungeons and scripting. - 4.5
Comments:This is a superb and full scenario. If it had been submitted earlier, I have no doubts that it would have placed in the scenario design contest. As a matter of fact, I see it as comparable to the scenarios that came with Blades of Avernum. It is not as long as Bahssikava, but has all the elements of a great game--interesting characters, very creative plot, good fights, and even one of those annoying "block puzzles!"

If you like Blades, you really should download and play this scenario!

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