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Note: This is a scenario you can use to create save files to play other scenarios.

Below are some reviewer's comments which we thought might help you decide on whether or not you'd like to use this scenario. This page is not a list of all the reviews the scenario received, only those that had thoughful and/or useful comments to make.
Comments:HLPM, is definitely an intuitive utility by Kelandon. HLMP does everything one could ask. There's an arena where one can fight monsters of variable difficulty. The Library has interesting information about all Scenarios released to date. There's a Shoppé selling all manner of interesting items, don't try to steal though, because HLPMs wrath is fast released. But the most important feature is the fast leveling option. If a scenario requires a party, of a certain level, you do not have use HLPM to make it. The biggest draw of HLPM is its time saving and Fun Factor. A (4.99) rating because, if HLPM stops being updated, some of its features may begin to lack. Otherwise HLPM is simply great, and a testament to BOA designer's ingenuity. ..RESPEK....
Comments:An easy to use, upgraded version of the charector editor in the form of its very own scenario.
Comments:Loved it beyond belief!!! But it didn't get a 5 because a 5 is perfect, and some genious may think of a way to make a better one...but I doubt it. You want a god party, you can have one, and get everything to the maximum, plus superpowered items and all good character traits such as Fast on Feet, and Nimble Fingers. You can also have a party of whatever level you want with what items you want, you don't need to use the character editer to make the characters you want anymore. There is also a library where you can find out what all senarios are about to choose the one that you think you will like the most. There is even a battle arena to try out your characters' new abilities, you get to set up the battle how you want. Best download as of Febuary 2005 for Blades of Avernum. I loved it almost as much as I loved it when Blades of Avernum came out!!! Definatly worth it!!!

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