Reviews for A Good Beginning
Note: Hints included in some reviews. You have been warned.

Below are some reviewer's comments which we thought might help you decide on whether or not you'd like to play the scenario. This page is not a list of all the reviews the scenario received, only those that had thoughful and/or useful comments to make.
Comments:A too simple scenario. It have nothing outdoor (except a small area "that the natives used to live" but I don't have anything to do with it), a small cave with some snakes, crystals (10 coins each) comes to an dead end, two towns with limited services. There are very few monsters to challenge, actually I just fight some mages and archers gone mad. My party is only up to level 2 and I doubt a level 5 party (the scenario is said for level 1-5) can get much exprience. Further more, I found a bug (or may be not if it was designed for any purpose), That is : when you receive a message say that there is a lead about the murder in Fort Bluebird, you have to come to meet Jessica in Fort Bluebird; the Guard in front of Portal Room is dead by that time and leave an item called Vlad; but if you get it, go out and back in you will see it reappear and you can get another ones. I use this bug to get money for buying more weapons and learning spell (there are many priest spells to
learn in this scenario). However, this scenario provide some good things for a level 1 party. So I rate it 2.5 .
Comments:This a very short but well-rendered scenario. It is over in an
hour or so and both endings are very similar, but it is enjoyable. There is
much in this scenario that could be expanded. Hopefully, the author will
open up the portal and/or allow passage into the blocked part of the caves.
Then a "good beginning" could really turn into a "good scenario!"

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